Hydraulic drive unit


  • pressurized oil supply unit, with pressure rate adjustment by safety valve settings into system, for various hydroficated equipment.

Complete set

  • hydraulic tank volume 160 l; 
  • pumping unit; 
  • control system; 
  • filters (suction, inlet, drain);
  • safety valves; 
  • gauge; 
  • heat exchange unit; 
  • oil level indicator.


  • A large volume of hydraulic tank with the possibility of refitting* allows to perform a wide range operations. 
  • Fixed and remote control to enable / disable the unit. 
  • Built-in sensor shuts off the unit automatically when oil achieves a minimum level.
  • Air heat exchange unit with integrated temperature sensor provides long smooth operation of the hydraulic drive unit due to oil cooling. 
  • Pollution indication of a drain filter allows to replace the filter element in time for guaranteed oil purity. 
  • Gear pump is oil-immersed to reduce noise and to provide favorable conditions for the unit operation.

* Upon customer request.