Mobile workshops


• modular structure of containerized workshop solutions allows its adoption as per customer requirements and climatic operational conditions. Range of our models allows to solve the most important issues with valves overhauling at sites as high pressure testing, calibration and maintenance of different kind of valves.

Versions of the mobile workshops: 

• MM-1 mobile valve testing workshop. 
• MM-2 mobile valve testing and repair workshop. 
• MM-3 mobile valve repair and machining workshop.

Tested items

• gate valves; 
• ball valves; 
• shut-off valves; 
• check valves;
• safety valves; 
• control valves.

Unit name Description MM-1 MM-2 MM-3
Brand new dry freight 20ft. HC double door container, include all necessary operation support as thermal wall protection, heating, ventilation, electric lighting and power source connection lines.
The inner space of container splited into work area and of compressor room to create comfort working conditions for operators.
+ +  
Test bench
Designed for hydraulic and pneumatic testing of pipeline valves
DN 10 ... 300 mm (⅜...12) and safety valves DN 10 ... 250 mm (⅜...10).
Clamping force 90 t.
+ +  
Pneumohydraulic station
Designed for creating a high-pressure test and control mediums, as well as for process control of testing when working as part of the test bench. + +  
Compressor unit
Designed for creating pressure for pneumatic testing and supply low pressure air to PGS-2-2BMM. + +  
Universal workbench
Designed for various mechanical works and for storing tools fasteners and other items. As well as in its base installed tank of water recycling system SOV-MM-0.5 for supplying liquid test medium to the test bench. + +  
Actuator control and adjustment system
Designed for testing, control and adjustment of control valves actuators with pneumatic and electric control. System allows to harmonize work of valve assembly with actuators and adjust operation of actuator exactly with piping data requirements or manufacturers specifications. + +  
Computer registration system
Designed for measuring testing pressure, test medium leakage through the valve gate, electronic records of the test results + +  
Analogue leakage measuring unit (BR) Is assembly of flow meters which are installed on a flow measurement column, which can be positioned on the container floor or fixed on the wall. +    
Cleaning cabinet
Intended for washing of contaminated small parts and components of valves.   + +
Abrasive blast cabinet
Designed for blast cleaning heavily soiled small parts and
components of valves.
  + +
Table lathe Table lathe used for machining of pieces of metal, wood, plastic, etc.   +  
Valves (dis)assembling unit
Universal Workbench is designed for various mechanical works and valves disassembling RMR-PPK.   + +
Universal workbench Designed for drilling operations and other various mechanical works.
As well as for storing tools, fasteners and other items.
Equipped with vice and table drilling machine.
Lathing center Provides unique opportunity to make a machining of valve stems and components.     +
Compressor unit
Designed for creating of low pressure for operation of pneumatic tools and shot blasting camera.     +
Hoisting equipment Console crane 0,5 t. + + +
Air conditioning Split system, designed to maintain the desired temperature in the winter and summer periods:
- heating capacity not more than 4 kW;
- cooling capacity not more than 3 kW.
+ + +
Heating system
of mobile workshop
Electric heaters. + + +
Back-lightning of operators area. + + +
PUR Portable lapping and grinding machines are available upon request. + + +