Portable machines for repair of gate valves


  • portable machine is designed for grinding and lapping of the sealing surfaces of the gate valve trim and wedges without their dismantling from the pipeline. 

Dn of valve

  • 50…1000 mm (2...39″).

Complete set

  • portable unit; 
  • professional pneumatic (Atlas Copco) and/or electric (Bosch) drives;* 
  • device for mounting on the middle flange; 
  • device for machining the gate valve wedges; 
  • replaceable grinding and lapping discs; 
  • a set of self-adhesive grinding wheels; 
  • air preparation unit with a sleeve for compressed air supply; 
  • plastic case; 
  • set of spindles with the abrasive wheels based on electrocorundum; 
  • set of spindles coated with the boron nitride.

* Upon customer request.

Types of machined parts

  • sealing surfaces of the gate valve trim and wedges.




Usable range, DN, mm (″)

50…250 (2...10)

200…600 (8...24)

Immersion depth - T, mm (″)

635 (25)

1000 (40)

Minimum size - А, mm (″)

40 (2)

87 (3)

Electric drive:

- power consumption, kW;



- supply voltage, V.

220 (110*)

220 (110*)

Pneumatic drive:

- power, kW;



- air flow rate, m³/min (gl/min);

1,6 (423)

1,6 (423)

- compressed-air working pressure, bar (psi).

6,3 (91)

Weight, kg:

- the heaviest mounted assembly;



- set.




  • Grinding and lapping of the sealing surfaces of the trim directly in the pipeline without dismantling  the valves from the pipeline. 
  • Small weight of the unit makes it convenient for use in hard-to-reach locations. 
  • The quality is achieved due to design of the working head and the mandrel, which generate complex plane parallel motion of the tool across the processed surface. 
  • The set includes the wedge processing unit, replaceable discs for grinding and lapping, and a tool storage box.
  • To ensure more reliable operation, the complete set of pneumatic drive includes air preparation unit. 
  • Grinding wheels on the basis of the CBN and electrocorundum ensure high productivity of the process for removing the workpiece material and have a high resistance to wear. This reduces the time of grinding and lapping, extends the life of the lapping surface.