Multi-station test bench for shut off valves DN 50...250 mm (2...10″)


  • strength and density testing the of the body parts materials and welds under pressurized test medium; 
  • gate tightness tests; 
  • environmental leakage tests (including gland seals); 
  • operation test. 

Tested items

  • gate valves; 
  • stop valves (globe valves); 
  • check valves; 
  • butterfly gates; 
  • ball and plug valves.

Tested unit connection type

  • flanged (according ASME B 16.5, GOST 12815 etc.); 
  • welded ends (according ASME B 16.25, GOST 16037, etc.). 

Asset 121.svg



Maximum clamping force (central/outermost/two outermosts/three statoins), t


Min./max. diameter of the clamped flange, mm (″)

160/670 (6/26)

Min./max. length of the tested valve, mm (″)

170/850 (7/33)

Distance between axes of adjacent posts, mm (″)

800 (31)

Power supply, V/Hz


Motor power, kW


Overall dimensions (LхWхH), mm (″):


- clamping device;

3383х2517х3325 (133х99х131)

- pnevmogidraulic pumping station;

1164х822х1767 (46х32х69)

- pump station.

963х673х924 (38х26х36)

Weight, kg:


- clamping device;


- pnevmogidraulic pumping station;


- pump station.



  • All water-wetted parts are corrosion-proof. 
  • Quantity of clamping units could be changed.* 
  • Test bench equipped with vacuuming system, to remove air from the tested valve. This system allows to ensure safety, reliability and preciseness of test results, as well as eliminates operator from the air drainage operations.* 
  • The test preparation time is significantly reduced by using the high-pressure quick-connect hoses. 
  • Testing is carried out in manual mode (semi-automatic and automatic modes optionally*). 
  • Mounting and testing processes are fully mechanized to make operations even more safe and comfortable for operators. 
  • Hydraulic system of the test bench is powered by oil pumping station, to ensure service life and reliability of the test unit.

* Upon customer request.