Multi-station test bench for submerged gas testing of shut off valves DN 15...80 mm (½...3″)


  • submerged gas testing of pipeline valves; 
  • testing of valve’s body for strength and density; 
  • gate tightness tests; 
  • environmental leakage tests (including gland seals).

Tested items

  • cryogenic valves; 
  • gate valves; 
  • stop valves (globe valves).

Tested unit connection type

  • flanged (according ASME B 16.5, GOST 12815 etc.);  
  • welded ends (according ASME B 16.25, GOST 16037, etc.).

Asset 123.svg



Maximum clamping force of each test station, t


Total maximal clamping force, t


Min./max. distance between the moving and stationary cross-heads, mm (″)

115/510 (4/18)

Distance between the columns, mm (″)

270 (11)

Power supply, V/Hz


Overall dimensions (LхWхH), mm (″)

2730x1750x1370 (107х69х54)

Weight, kg



  • The tank, power rack, piping and all parts of the test bench that are submerged under water are made of stainless steel. The two-sided gate seal tests do not require the tested valve rearrangement, which significantly reduces the test time. Test from one to five valves is executed simultaneously. 
  • The clamp of tested valves is made by hydraulic cylinders mounted on each test station, independently of each other. 
  • The power frame is disposed within the water tank and submerged under water to a depth from 0 to 600 mm (24″).
  • For easy installation of valves to be tested the power rack rises above the tank. 
  • For easy inspection of tested valves the tank of the test bench is provided with an internal illumination. 
  • The test preparation time is significantly reduced by using the high-pressure quick-connect hoses. 
  • Stainless steel power rack of test bench is actuated by two pneumatic cylinders.

* Upon customer request.