Complex for testing wellhead and anti-blowout equipment


• strength and density testing of the body parts materials and welds under pressurized test medium; 
• environmental leakage tests; 
• gate tightness tests; 
• anti-blowout equipment tightness tests.

Tested items

• christmas tree valves; 
• swivels; 
• drilling heads; 
• gate valves; 
• adapter spools; 
• casing heads; 
• well flushing equipment set; 
• preventers (ram and annular BOPs); 
• packers; 
• high-pressure hoses; 
• wellhead. 

Testing medium

• water; 
• water with corrosion inhibitor of purity class not rougher than 14 according to GOST 17216-99 (code 19/16 according to ISO 4406-99). 

Usage of other testing mediums, specified in technical conditions or construction documentation for specific valves, is acceptable in agreement with REVALVE. 


  • Two-sided gate tightness tests do not require the tested-valve rearrangement, which significantly reduces the test time. 
  • The patented design of the self-sealing blind flanges rules out axial compression during the tests,which ensures the test reliability, protects the valves against deformation, and extends the valve life.* 
  • Accuracy and veracity of testing results are provided by controlling and additional gages as well as by computer registration system CRS. 

* Upon customer request.