Flat lapping (polishing) machine


  • machine is designed for lapping (polishing) of the flat sealing surfaces of the gate valve wedges, valve spools, and сhristmas-tree wedges; 

Types of machined parts

  • wedges of the gate and christmas-tree valves; 
  • valve (global valve) spools; 
  • end-seal rings of the pumps; 
  • other flat-surface parts.

Lapping-plate diameter

  • Ø 1250 mm (49″).
  • Approximately, DN 50…600 mm (2...24″) for the wedges of the gate valves, and DN 40…200 mm (2...8″) for the spools of the valves.



Nominal diameter of the valve, DN, mm (″)

50…600 (2...24)

Lapping-plate diameter, mm (″)

1250 (49)

Number of cartridges


Internal diameter of the cartridges, mm (″)

550/830 (22/33)

Machined-surface roughness, μm


Machined-surface nonflatness (accuracy), mm (″)

0,0006 (0,00024)

Lapping-plate speed, rpm


Installed power, kW


Electric power supply, V/Hz

400/50 (480/60)

Working pressure of network air, bar (psi)

6,3 (91)

Overall dimensions (LхWхH), mm (″)

1976х1645х1325 (78x65x52)

Weight, kg



  • Each point of the lapped surface of the parts makes complex plane-parallel motion on the lapping-plate surface. 
  • The machine is equipped with the polishing-compound supply device. 
  • The spent compound is collected in a special tank. 
  • The lapping time is automatically controlled by the timer.
  • The machine is equipped with the smooth start device with the lapping-plate speed adjustment. 
  • The machine is designed so that the lapping disc can be adjusted during its operation.