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20ft Truck-mounted testing workshop for shut off & control valves


  • Ready-to-use mobile workshops based on offshore containers are highly useful for maintaining of valves on the end-user site or on the offshore platforms during a shutdown or if a regular on call repair is required.

  • Modular design of mobile workshops allows to adopt them as per customer requirements and climate conditions. Workshops lineup allows to solve all kind of issues with valves overhauling at sites such as high pressure testing, calibration and maintenance of different kind of valves.

Tested valves

  • gate valves; 
  • ball valves; 
  • shut-off valves; 
  • check valves;
  • safety valves; 
  • control valves.

Complete set

1. Clamping system for PSV up to DN 300 mm (12").
2. Control station.
3. Horizontal clamping system for shut-off and control valves up to DN 250 mm (10").
4. Portable machine for grinding and lapping.
5. Work station for valves assembling/ disassembling DN 300 mm (12").
6. Valve washing/cleaning machines.
7. Compressor unit.
8. Diesel generator.
9. Jib/overhead crane.


Workshops are based on:


    For customer convenience, workshop can be equipped with:

    • Jib or overhead crane 0,5 ton or 1 ton capacity.
    • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC system).
    • Armored wall between operator and testing room with door interlock.
    • Pressure isolated operator room.
    • Remote video control (CCTV).
    • Various furniture (wardrobe, chairs, table etc.).
    • Doors or gates on the sides of the workshop.
    • Portable on-site PSV testing unit.
    • Portable grinding and lapping unit.


Available functions of the workshops:

1. Disassembling/assembling of the valves.

2. Washing/sandblasting of the valve parts.

3. Testing of shut-off and control valves:

  • shell test acc. to API 598, API 6D, ISO 5208 etc.;
  • seat leakage test (cavities A to B, B to A) acc. to API 598, API 6D, ISO 5208 etc.;
  • backseat test acc. to API 598, API 6D, ISO 5208 etc.;
  • DBB/DIB test acc. to API 598, API 6D;
  • control valve seat leakage test, acc. to ANSI FCI 70.2, IEC 60534-4, EN 1349 etc.

4. Testing of pressure safety valves:

  • set pressure definition acc. to API 526, ASME Section VIII, API RP 576;
  • reseat pressure definition acc. to API 526, ASME Section VIII, API RP 576;
  • seat leakage test acc. to API 527.
5. Test reports forming.

6. Grinding and lapping of sealing surfaces.

7. Minor machining of the valve parts.