From October 23rd to October 25th the 17th International PCVExpo exhibition "Pumps. Compressors. Valves. Actuators and engines" took place in Moscow. PKTBA CJSC stand presented:
  • S-5-600/350 - test bench for testing of pipeline valves DN 50…600 mm.
  • PGS-110P - pneumohydraulic pumping station.
  • UN-2F - machine for automatic overlaying of pipeline valves parts DN 50…1200 mm.
  • SPSH-600-N - machine for lapping and grinding of pipeline valves DN 50…600 mm.
PKTBA CJSC specialists presented their equipment to the visitors, presented its advantages over competitors’ similar equipment. During the exhibition PKTBA CJSC stand was visited by more than 100 representatives of both local and foreign enterprises.