Valve World EXPO 2016

The International Valve World Expo exhibition took place in Dusseldorf from 29th of November till the 1st of December. This year the exhibition was attended by about 12 350 industry experts from Italy, Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Russia, Spain, as well as experts from  regions of Asia, Middle East and South America. On the area of about 20 000 square meters more than 725 exhibitors from over 40 Counties of the World represented their innovative developments and solutions in pipeline valve industry. The Valve World exhibition once again has proved its status as the  Worlds greatest platform for successful business contacts establishment as well as experience exchange. More than 60% visitors have concluded the agreements for purchasing of the exposed exhibits, while 97% of experts has given their highest value to the exhibition. REVALVE company has introduced the equipment for repair and testing of pressure safety valves, control valves and gate valves as follows: S-3-500/100; S-5-600/300; S-1-400/38; PGS-110P; BR; D-14.

"REVALVE" by PKTBA equipment has given a successful account of itself on Russian, European, Asian and Middle East markets, rising a tremendous interest of the visitors.

The company representatives introduced a new cutting edge vertical and horizontal test benches.  The clamping force of the test benches ranges up to 4000 tonnes. The company has also introduced the new enhanced pneumohydraulic pumping stations.  The modern stations are equipped with semiautomatic control system and they are also easily integrated with measuring and registration units.The new technical features and possibilities of REVALVE equipment help reach high safety standards  and sufficiently facilitate the testing process.

VALVE WORD EXPO 2016 for one more time has settled its high status as a leader in the pipeline valve World.