Machine for hardfacing / overlaying of rotating bodies


  • automated hardfacing / overlaying of shafts, spindles and rods with diameter of up to 400 mm (16") with consumable electrode in an atmosphere of shielding gases (MIG / MAG / TIG* processes).




Range of workpiece diameters, mm (″)

25...400 (1...16)

Maximum weight of welded workpiece, kg


Maximum length of welded workpiece, mm (″)

1300 (51)

Vertical travel of welding head, mm (″)


Horizontal travel of welding head, mm (″)

1300 (51)

Welded workpiece rotation speed, rpm (continuously adjustable)


Horizontal travel of welding head along welding seam, mm (″)

±50 (±2)

Tailstock displacement, mm (″)

1300 (51)

Amount of the quill movement, mm (″)

40 (1,6)

Arc protection method


Core wire diameter, mm (″)

1,0; 1,2; 1,6 (0,039; 0.047; 0,069)

Rated welding current at 100% duty cycle (40 ° C), A


Power supply, V/Hz


Overall dimensions (machine/power supply unit) (LxWxH), mm (″)

2400х1725х2100/1100х455х1000 (94x68x83/44x18x40)

Weight (machine/power supply unit), kg


 * Upon customer request.   


  • The machine is completed with forced cooling welding head and bended water-cooled burner for welding of fillet welds.
  • The machine allows hardfacing/overlaying of cylindrical workpieces with length up to 1250 mm (49").
  • The control system of the machine is implemented on the basis of industrial controller, which allows the operator to set the parameters of welding (range of oscillations, velocity of the oscillations, number of the faceplate revolutions, length of overlaying etc.) on the touch screen of control panel and to perform welding process in automatic mode.
  • Electrode oscillating mechanism provides greater performance of the hardfacing/overlaying process.
  • The machine allows to perform hardfacing/overlaying of cylindrical surfaces and welding of girth seams with automatic filling of the cutting edge.
  • The machine can be equipped with an additional (second) welding head to provide its greater performance.