Portable measuring systems


  • testing of all types of spring operated Pressure Safety Valves in their operational pipeline position without plant shut-down. 

Tested valves

  • spring-loaded safety valves with manual opening mechanism.

Complete set

  • test rig;
  •  electronic control box;
  •  industrial computer;
  •  pressure sensors;
  •  force sensors;
  •  acoustic sensor;
  •  extension cables;
  •  accessory kit.



Spool traveling mechanism actuator


Maximum force applied to the PSV spring, kN

2,0; 20,0; 50,0

ATEX certificate


Operating temperature, ºС


Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm (″):

- spool traveling mechanism;

600х180х205 (23x7x8)

- control unit;

455х210х480 (18x8x19)

Weight, kg



  • Essential when working with flangeless valves (allows testing of spring operated safety valve directly on their operational pipeline position without plant shut-down).
  • High accuracy of test results due to use of four interchangeable pressure sensors with accuracy class of 0.25% (with ranges of 16, 40, 100 and 250 Bar) as well as two interchangeable force sensors with class of accuracy 0.03% (with ranges of 2; 20; 50 kN). 
  • Small device weight makes it convenient to move across the plant.
  • Does not require connection to any sources of energy during testing.
  • Universal mounting bracket simplify installation of the unit.
  • Allows testing of Pressure Safety Valves on the pipeline under pressure and without it.
  • ATEX certificate allows to use it in hazardous areas. 
  • Acoustic sensor allows to determine set point precisely
  • Emergency valve closing system.