Muffler for high pressure PCV gas testing


  • reducing noise and providing exhaust filtration during pneumatic testing of safety valves DN 50…300 мм (2...12″).



Height adjustment (on the axis of the transition pipe), mm (″)

925…1555 (37…62)

Reduction in sound level, dB


Weight, kg (reduction noise/set of replacement parts) (lbs)

210/80 (463/176)

  • Unit provides safety valve output air noise reduction up to 25 times.
  • Provides filtration of the exhaust air from safety valve by reducing the mechanical impurities (dust, particles, scale, etc).
  • Specially designed on a mobile stand with height adjustment.
  • Adapters kit allows you to connect unit to almost any safety valve with DN up to 300 mm (12″) (more than DN 300 mm (12″) - on request).