Portable unit for disassembling and assembling of threaded joints


  • unit is designed for nuts unscrewing, screwing, and cutting (where it is impossible to unscrew).

Complete set

  • trolley; 
  • high-pressure hoses; 
  • pump station; 
  • hydraulic nut socket driver; 
  • hydraulic nut splitters; 
  • hydraulic hand pump.



Width across flats of unscrewed/screwed nuts, mm (″)

24…65 (1...2 1/2)

Width across flats of cut nuts, mm (″)

24…60 (1...2 3/8)

Hydraulic screwdriver torque, kgm


Overall dimensions of the trolley-mounted unit, mm (″)

1530х560х1270 (61x22 3/8x51)

Weight of the unit, kg



  • The set includes the tools required for disassembly and assembly of threaded joints, which do not damage the threaded surface of bolts or stud bolts. 
  • When requested by customer, it can be fitted out with various additional screwdrivers and nut cutters.
  • Nut cutters ensure simple and safe removal of damaged and rusted nuts, which cannot be unscrewed (removal of one nut takes about two minutes).