Safety fence for high pressure testing


  • provision of safety protection in case of depressurization of the tested items or connecting elements during hydraulic and pneumatic testing.

Complete set

  • columns;
  • panels (with or without window);
  • swing gates (sliding*);
  • sliding roof*;
  • lighting/warning panel;
  • electrical cabinet;
  • pneumatic safety locking device.*
* Upon customer request.

Typical sizes (LхWхH):*

  • 4х4х2,5 m;
  • 4х6х2,5 m;
  • 6х10х2,5 m;
  •  9х9х2,5 m.
* Upon customer request.



Height, mm (″)

2500 (96)

Blank panel width, mm (″)

1000 (40)

Width of blank panel with windows, mm (″)

1000 (40)

Window dimensions, mm (″)

500х500 (20x20)

Width of swinging gates, mm (″)

1700 (69)


  • Set of modules allows mounting of safety fence of various types and sizes with possible placement of gates at various sides.
  • The panels of safety fence are provided with viewing windows of certified armoured glass.
  •  In the safety fencing provided the locking mechanism of the entrance gates during gas testing.
  • Armoured protection is mounted at the site. The columns are installed at foundations using foundation (anchor) bolts.
  •  In order to provide electrical safety panels and gates are facilitated with grounding bolts.