Portable machine for grinding and lapping of stop valves (plug valves)


  • portable machine is designed for grinding and lapping of the sealing surfaces of the gate valve trim and wedges, globe valve and safety valve trim without their dismantling from the pipeline.

Complete set

  • professional pneumatic (Atlas Copco) and/or electric (Bosch) and/or battery (Metabo) drives;
  • device for mounting on the middle flange and machining the gate valve wedges;
  • stand for spool machining;
  • multi-function installation device;
  • replaceable grinding and lapping discs;
  • set of self-adhesive grinding wheels;
  • air preparation unit with a sleeve for compressed air supply;
  • carrying case;
  • set of spindles with the abrasive wheels based on electrocorundum;
  • set of spindles coated with the boron nitride.

Types of machined parts

  • sealing surfaces of the gate valve trim and wedges, safety and globe valve trim and spools.

DN of valve

  • 32...200 mm (1 1/4...8″).



Usable range, DN, mm (″)

32…200 (1 1/4...8)

(25...200 mm (1...8″) for safety valve)

Electric drive:

- power consumption, kW;


- supply voltage, V.

220 (110*)

Pneumatic drive:


- power, kW;


- air flow rate, m³/min (gl/min);

1,6 (423)

- compressed-air working pressure, bar (psi).

6,3 (91)

Maximum immersion depth into the valve housing, mm (″)

200 (8)

Weight, kg:

- the heaviest mounted assembly;


- set (with pneumatic and electric drive).


 * Upon customer request.  


  • Grinding and lapping of the sealing surfaces of the trim directly in the pipeline without dismantling the valves from the pipeline.
  • Small weight of the unit makes it convenient for use in hard-to-reach locations.
  • The quality is achieved due to design of the working head and the mandrel, which generate complex plane parallel motion of the tool across the processed surface. 
  • The set includes the wedge processing unit, replaceable discs for grinding and lapping, and a tool storage box.
  • To ensure more reliable operation, the complete set of pneumatic drive includes air preparation unit.
  • Grinding wheels on the basis of the CBN and electrocorundum ensure high productivity of the process for removing the workpiece material and have a high resistance to wear. This reduces the time of grinding and lapping, extends the life of the lapping surface.