Specialized boring machine for lathing (edge cutting) of pipeline valves DN 600…1200 mm (12...48″)


  • treatment (drilling, boring, milling) of pipeline valves, including treatment of main-line and medium sized flanges, seal faces of bodies and gate wedges, flanges and welding ends edges for welding of DN up to 1200 mm (48″).

Treated items

  • wedge gate valves



Range of diameters of treated products, mm (″)

600...1200 (24...48)

Diameter of carrier spindle, mm (″)

130 (5)

Cone cavity of the carrier spindle

metric - 80

Travers displacement of table, mm (″)

2000 (79)

Radial support travers, mm (″)

250 (10)

Vertical travel of spindle head, mm (″)

1800 (78)

Securing face of the table, mm (″)

1800х1600 (71х63)

Maximal weight of treated detail, kg (lbs)

10000 (22046)

Total power consumption, kW


Electric power supply, V/Hz


Weight, kg



  • An advanced high performance machine with automated continuous control system. 
  • Precise cutting and a wide range of technological functions create conditions for its versatile application thus providing treatment of both seal faces of the valve body as well as a flanges at a single placement on the bench.
  • CNC control system provides continuous machine control at 4 controlled axes (X, Y, Z, and W) and provides automated tilted positioning of the table, allowing treatment of seal faces of the fittings with different angles of a wedge chamber. 
  • Implementation of placing and clamping devices provides quick placement of the valves and fittings to the machine table.