Machines for hardfacing / overlaying of pipeline valves parts


  • automated hardfacing / overlaying of pipeline parts and elements with diameter from 50 up to 600 mm (2...24") with or without electrode oscillation with submerged arc process or in an atmosphere of shielding gases (MIG/MAG processes) with full wire.




   G  F

Valve range, DN, mm (″)

50…600 (2...24)

Faceplate rotation speed, rpm


Tilt angle of the table, degrees


Arc protection method

gas (flux)

Power supply, V/Hz

400/50 (480/60)

Welding current, А

up to 600

Electrode-wire diameter, mm (″)

1…1,6 (0,039...0,063)

2…5 (0,079...0,197)

Wire feed rate, m/h (in/h)

100…1200 (3937...47244)

50…400 (1969...15748)

Capacity, kg/h

up to 5

up to 15

Overall dimensions, mm (″)

1735х1015х3495 (68x40x142)

Weight (machine/power source/

control panel), kg



  • The machine is fitted out with forced cooling of the welding unit and a set of water-cooled welding heads. 
  • The electrode oscillating mechanism allows to increase the width of the overlayed seam up to 60 mm (2⅜"). 
  • Advanced construction of rotator allows to fix overlaid workpiece in three coordinates (tilt angle and position along the x and y axes). 
  • Machine control system is based on industrial controller thus allowing operator to set hardfacing / overlaying parameters (oscillation amplitude, amplitude velocity, number of faceplate revolutions, and length of welding seam) through a touch screen control panel.
  • The unit is equipped with remote controller. 
  • Time for readjustment from "gas" to flux" – not more than 10 min. 
  • The set of spare parts includes a set of tools, wearing parts kit and first aid kit. 
  • Welding zone backlighting. 
  • The machine allows hardfacing / overlaying of internal cylindrical surfaces and perform welding of girth welding seams located in the horizontal plane (overlaying of sealing rings, welding of flanges).* 
  • The machine allows to reach a hardness of surfacing of 60 HRC and above.**

* Upon customer request. 
** While using appropriate welding materials.