Welding unit for girth seam welding of pipeline parts


  • girth seam welding of pipeline parts with diameter from 300 up to 700 mm (12 ... 28") with MIG/MAG process.




Nominal internal diameter of welded valves (DN), mm (″)

300...700 (12...28)

Load capacity including the device, kg


Welding head number, pcs


Arc protection

gas (flux)

Diameter of electrode wire, mm (″)

1,2; 1,6 (2...5) (0.047; 0,069) (0,079...0,2)

Rated welding current, at 100% duty cycle, A

420 (1000)

Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm (″)

3000х2500х3100 (118х98х122)


  • Simultaneous operation of two welding heads provides high performance of the unit. 
  • Standard set of the unit includes: rotator, gantry, two welding heads and two welders. 
  • Tilting rotator face-plate. 
  • Continuous adjustment of welding speed. 
  • Control system of the unit is based on industrial controller, thus allowing operator to set welding parameters (welding speed, number of faceplate revolutions etc.) while using touch sensitive control panel.
  • The welding unit can be optionally completed with the following accessories:* 
  1. flux recovery system (for “F” version); 
  2. tactile and optical tracking system;
  3. electrode oscillating mechanism; 
  4. water recycling station (SOV); 
  5. video control system; 
  6. idle roller bed. 
  • Simplicity and ease of operation.

* Upon customer request.