Vacuum system


  • air drainage from tested pipeline valves clamped at the test bench before filling with process water. Recommended for use with horizontal test benches.


  • Provides significant reduction of time needed for filling of the tested products with water. Recommended to use with horizontal clamping units in case if tested valves are not equipped with relieve valves.
  • High degree of vacuumizing (up to -0.95 bar).
  • Essential for horizontal bench for testing of large inner diameter valves and fittings from DN 400 mm (16") and higher.
  • Equipped with automated control system which allows switching off the unit when the required level of vacuumization is reached.
  • Can be used as vacuum creation unit in set with PGS unit in other fields of applications such as breather valves testing.
  • Compatible with all types of test benches from REVALVE product range as well as for use as a component with other manufacturer’s test bench.

* Upon customer request.