Vertical test bench for testing the wellhead and anti-blowout equipment
dn 50...280 mm (2...11”)


  • strength and density testing of the body parts materials and welds under pressurized test medium; 
  • environmental leakage tests; 
  • gate tightness tests; 
  • anti-blowout equipment tightness tests.

Tested valves

  • wellhead equipment (slab gate valves, spools, tee-bends, cross-heads etc.); 
  • anti-blowout equipment (small-sized preventors). 

Connection type

  • flanged; 
  • non-flanged. 

Asset 124.svg

Testing medium

  • water; 
  • water with corrosion inhibitor of purity class not rougher than 14 according to GOST 17216-99 (code 19/16 according to ISO 4406-99). 
Using of other testing mediums, specified in technical conditions or manufacturer documentation for specific valve, is acceptable in agreement with REVALVE. 



Maximum clamping force, t:


Motor power, kW


Actuating medium of hydraulic cylinder clamp

Industrial oil of purity class not lower than 14 according to GOST 17216

Overall dimensions (LхWхH), mm (″)

1745x1125x4505 (68х44х177)

Weight, kg



  • The bench is equipped with replaceable blind flanges for testing non-flanged valves*. This releases the operation from welding (lock-pin screwing) of the blind flanges to the pipes. 
  • Side opening upper cross-head simplifies the valve installation procedure before testing. 
  • Use of high-pressure hoses with fast couplings reduces test preparation time.

* Upon customer request.