Vertical test bench for testing the wellhead and anti-blowout equipment
dn 100...425 mm (4...17”)


  • strength and density testing of the body parts materials and welds under pressurized test medium; 
  • environmental leakage tests; 
  • gate tightness tests. 

Tested valves

  • wellhead and anti-blowout equipment.

Connection type

  • flanged; 
  • non-flanged. 

Asset 125.svg

Testing medium

  • water; 
  • water with corrosion inhibitor of purity class not rougher than 14 according to GOST 17216-99 (code 19/16 according to ISO 4406-99). 

Using of other testing mediums, specified in technical conditions or manufacturer documentation for specific valve, is acceptable in agreement with REVALVE.



Min./max. Diameter of the clamping flange, mm (″)

275/872 (11/34)

Overall dimensions (LхWхH), mm (″)

740х740х500 (29х29х20)