Vertical test bench for testing the wellhead and anti-blowout equipment dn 50...425 mm (2...17″)


  • wellhead and anti-blowout equipment; 
  • christmas tree and injection tree valves.

Tested valves

  • christmas tree; 
  • injection tree; 
  • blowout prevention equipment. 

Connection type

  • flanged.

Asset 126.svg

Testing medium

  • water;
  • water with corrosion inhibitor of purity class not rougher than 14 according to GOST 17216-99 (code 19/16 according to ISO 4406-99).
Using of other testing mediums, specified in technical conditions or manufacturer documentation for specific valve, is acceptable in agreement with REVALVE.



Maximum clamping force, t


Min./max. diameter of clamped flange, mm (″)

165/560 (550/705*)

Maximum pressure of the clamping system, bar (psi)

340 (4930)

Air pressure, supplied to pneumatic cylinders providing travel of the clamps, bar (psi)

4+2 (58+29)

Overall dimensions (LхWхH), mm (″)

1660х1220х1340 (66x49x53)

Weight, kg (bench)



  • The bench allows to perform tests without axial compression, which protects the valves against deformation and ensures the test reliability. 
  • The floor, caisson (pit) and safety fence installations are offered as options. 
  • Clamping unit equipped with powerful hydraulic cylinder installed in the basement of the test bench. Hydraulic system of the clamping unit use oil as operating medium, which extends the bench service life. 
  • Fast clamping of the tested product is provided with pneumatic cylinders providing synchronized travel of the clamps. 
  • Optional application of hydraulic clamping unit with self-sealing adapters and medium separator allows to achieve even wider range of tested products.

* If using of the hydroclamped blind flanges.