Breather valves testing unit in the range of DN 50-600 mm (2 - 24'')


  • Unit is designed for quick and convenient testing of breather valves 50...600 mm (2''...24'') with vacuum up to 0,8 bar and exceeding air pressure up to 3 bar.

Tested valves

  • breather valves DN 50...600mm (2''...24'')
  • emergency vacuum vents with DN 50...600mm (2''...24'')

Test operation control 

  • Clamping – Manually
  • Vacuum and air pressure testing – from control station panel

Connection type

  • flanged.

The valves are tested according to API 2000:

  • set vacuum test;
  • set pressure test;
  • seat leakage in vacuum conditions;
  • seat leakage in exceeding pressure conditions.




Maximum clamping force, t


Max. diameter of the clamped flange, mm (″)

780 (31)

Maximum thickness of the clamped flange, mm (″)

30 (1)

Overall dimensions (LхWхH), mm (″)

1495x952x2188 (59х37х86)

Weight, kg



  • Air reservoir under the tested valve which is mandated by API 2000.
  • Volume under the valve allows to pressurize smoothly without pressure hammering.
  • Accurate set pressure definition both on vacuum and exceeding pressure.
  • Unique technology for defining the valve leakage on vacuum.
  • Precise leakage definition in exceeding pressure conditions.
  • High-accuracy U-shape manometer used for small pressure values.
  • Computerized registration system allows to create test reports (optional feature).