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Flat lapping (polishing) machine


  • machine is designed for lapping (polishing) of the flat sealing surfaces of the gate valve wedges, valve spools, and сhristmas-tree wedges; 
  • special-configuration SP-600 is used for lapping the end-seal rings.

Types of machined parts

  • wedges of the gate and christmas-tree valves;
  • valve (global valve) spools;
  • end-seal rings of the pumps;
  • other flat-surface parts.

Lapping-plate diameter

  • SP-1200: Ø 1250 mm (40″). Approximately, DN 50…600 mm (2...24″) for the wedges of the gate valves, and DN 40…200 mm (2...8″) for the spools of the valves.
  • SP-600: Ø 620 mm (24″). For the wedges of the gate valves DN 50…150 mm (2...6″).

  • Each point of the lapped surface of the parts makes complex plane-parallel motion on the lapping-plate surface.
  • The machines are equipped with the polishing-compound supply device. 
  • The spent compound is collected in a special tank.
  • The lapping time is automatically controlled by the timer. 
  • The machines are equipped with the smooth start device with the lapping-plate speed adjustment.
  • The machines are designed so that the lapping disc can be adjusted during its operation.