Automated system for ball valve trim components cladding with optional devices for ball valve body circular welding DN 50…600 mm (2…24″)


  • automatic GTAW cladding (overlaying) of ball, trim components surfaces of the ball valves.




Maximum weight of processed parts, kg


Internal diameters of processed parts, mm (″)

50…600 (2...24)

External diameters of processed parts, mm (″)

up to 900 (35)

Maximum length of processed parts , mm (″)

up to 1000 (39)

Welding current at 100%, А


Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm (″)

5100 х 2500 х 4500


Weight, kg



  • Machine implies using a variety of hardfacing/overlaying methods of the metal layers. Such, as: submerged gas-shielded hardfacing/overlaying with wire electrode, submerged hardfacing/overlaying with tape electrode, and also plasma powder hardfacing/overlaying. Broad range of mentioned variants provides flexibility in the equipment application for various technical tasks.
  • Width of hardfacing/overlaying can reach 60...90 mm (2"...3") after one pass. That leads to significant increase in hardfacing/overlaying productivity.
  • Completely programmable course of the torch movement relative to the overlayed plug minimizes the influence of human factor on the welding result.
  • Optionally: systems of video surveillance and storage of data received during the  welding process.
  • Application of high-precision slideways, modules of linear movement, ball screws allow to increase frequency of coordinate movement.