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Grinding and lapping machine PKTBA-SPSH-600-NN

Cleanness of pipeline valves counterparts significantly affects wear resistance, static and fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, and as a result affects product service life.

High level of valves parts surface finishing is achieved by grinding and lapping.

➤ Machine PKTBA-SPSH-600-NN has two inclined tables with T-shaped slots and circumferential concentrically located marks.
➤ Mechanisms located in their base make it possible to accurately position fixed valve body or wedge together with the upper table plate in three degrees of freedom relative to the spindle.
➤ Inclined tables allow treatment of sealing surfaces with different inclination angles ranging from 0 to 12 degrees.
➤ The presence of two tables allows you to reduce the time for inter-operational work: processing on the first table and simultaneously carrying out work on the installation and fastening of products on the second.
➤ Due to the presence of several lap movements relative to the part during processing, each point of the part lapped surface performs complex plane-parallel movement along the lap surface and ensures high quality of processing.
➤ The ability to adjust tool speed and force allows you to select flexible settings for each range of valves according to nominal bore, hardness and material of sealing surfaces.

REVALVE has an impressive experience in the manufacture and supply of grinding and lapping machines both domestically and abroad, which proves their high quality and functionality!