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The project in Serbia completed

Since 2014 the REVALVE sales team has been in close coordination with the management of the biggest Serbian oil refinery to launch the project of the valve maintenance workshop modernization.

The REVALVE engineers designed the new valve maintenance facilities with the latest generations of the valve test, calibration and repair equipment at the every stage of the process.
As in the every big project, it was a long-term team work behind the scenes to bring this ambitious project to life, deliver and run the new facilities to serve the Serbian downstream industry for the years to come.

Our service engineers successfully completed launching of the workshop with the brand new valve maintenance machineries.

Among the equipment that our engineers worked on launching:
• work stations for disassembling and assembling valves of various diameters;
• remote operated complexes for testing of control and shut-off valves, with computerized control and process registration;
• stationary and portable valve lapping and grinding equipment
• PSV calibration and testing unit

We sincerely believe, that the brand new valve maintenance, testing and calibration workshop based on the latest REVALE technologies will allow our esteemed clients to rise the performance of the plant and minimize its shutdowns.