“Productivity means for us … high standards, aspiration to use the available resources to the full extent – working hours, equipment, materials”.

Poykin Alexander
Chief Executive Officer


“Success of the clients is considered to be the main success in the company. That is what inspires the team, what it worries about and looks forward to. And in turn the team spirit allows to work together much more productively, much more cheerfully and effectively”.

Ryazanov Maxim
Commercial Director


“Commitment means … to aim for the best constantly, not to be afraid to be ambitious... not to be afraid to look for new ways and to use the new opportunities”.

Proshkin Valentin
Chief Designer


“Success of such company as PKTBA is firstly the result of daily work of hundreds of people. And from my experience as a production worker this is really hard work. The quality means … to do things right and effectively, to check the result constantly, to doubt and always look for ways of improvement. Thus, every third machine used for valves test and repair, which works today on Russian enterprises is produced by PKTBA”.

Zubrilin Andrey
Production Director


“Transparency and open-mindness means … to be honest with yourself and not to defy the own personal and professional principles”.

Peskova Tatyana
Chief Accountant


“Trust and responsibility means … always keeping the promises given to the clients! Ask our clients. Even if we made any mistakes, we hope that they have forgiven us. Our motto – problem-solving on high level regarding any issues that can arise in your work”.

Poykin Ilya
Chief Financial Officer


“Perfection means … search of the new horizons, new opportunities, not forgetting the earlier gained advantages … And moreover from my experience: for pleasurable but challenging daily work, it is necessary to create for the employee a number of conditions”.

Gracheva Svetlana
HR Director


“Kindness means to think of our friends constantly – our clients, colleagues, to give smiles, to be easy-going with other people”.

Inozemcev Aleksey
Head of Analytical Department