Test bench for safety valves DN 10...300 mm (⅜...12″)


Mobile Safety Relief Valve Testing bench designed for hydraulic and pneumatic testing of Pressure Safety/Relief Valves (spring-weight and pilot operated) with pressure up to 350 Bar and 40 ton-force hydraulic clamping.

Tested valves

  • spring loaded SRVs;
  • pilot-operated SRVs.

Advanced test system design, provides correspondence of the SRV test process to requirements of the following international standards:

  • Set pressure testing and adjusting of SRVs according to API 526 and ISO 4126-1;
  • Seat tightness test of SRVs according to API 527;

Due to modern engineering solutions our equipment meets the requirements of the following standards:

  • API RP 576;
  • ASME BPVC Section VIII;
  • ASME PTC 25.

Connection type

Pressure Safety/Relief Valves (spring-weight and pilot operated) 15...300 mm (½...12'') with RF/RTJ connection (as per ASME B16.5) and NPT connections.

  • DN 10...300 mm (⅜...12″) flanged SRVs;
  • DN 10...50 mm (1/4...2'') threaded SRVs.




3 claws

Maximum clamping force, t


Tested valve sizes, mm (″)

10...300 (⅜...12)

Min./max. diameter of the clamped flange, mm (″)

90/460 (4/18)

Maximum thickness of the clamped flange, mm (″)

125 (5)

Overall dimensions (LхWхH), mm (″)

1050х1070х930 (41x42x36)

Weight, kg



  • Clamping system design based on integrated high performance hydraulic cylinder, stainless steel base that serves as storage tank for hydraulic test medium. Clamping of valve need to be tested, provided by test table actuated by hydraulic cylinder and three synchronized claws that’s centering and fastening of inlet SRV flange.
  • Emergency stop button. In case of emergency and contingency by pressing the red button the pressure supply immediately stops protecting the operator, personnel and the tested valve. The tested unit stays clamped and stable, the testing pressure is released.
  • Safety interlock system. Unclamping automatically becomes impossible when a test pressure at the clamping station above 3 Bar so that yellow warning lamp indicates the presence of test pressure.
  • Two hand safety operation. To exclude the risk of unintended pressure increase during pneumatic, hydraulic testing and ensure the safety operation the station is equipped with a safety button. 
  • Light signalization. Light signal on the control station automatically indicates that the valve is under pressure and respectively being deactivated when the pressure below 3 Bar.
  • Increased inner diameter of test system tubing and high-pressure hoses provides dynamic spool lifting during set pressure test, as well as smooth and accurate reseating same time serves to avoid the seats surface damages while closing.  
  • Use of special Nickel and Chrome coatings and stainless steel elements of clamping unit water wetted surfaces provides stable operation in hard environmental conditions with high level of humidity. 
  • «Pockets» for set of sealing adapters storing.
  • Built-in stainless steel test fluid storage tank.
  • Adapters for SRV inlet flange face sealing for valves with DN 15...400 mm (½...12'') of the following types: FF, SG, RF, LM, LG, RTJ as per ASME B 16.5. 
  • Plugs for SRV outlet flange face sealing with fittings for quick connection of drop/bubble counter tubing.


  • Set of adapters with standard RTJ gasket for inlet flange sealing, designed according to ASME B 16.5.
  • Sealing adapters for thread-type SRV sealing DN 15...50 mm (½ ... 2'').
  • Safety fence for provision of operators safety in accordance with HSE requirements available in several editions:
- surrounding (two sheets metal blocks) safety fence with bullet proof windows, gates safety locking device and remote operated video control system; 
- safety screen at control station for protection of operator's from splashes;
- strong and robust 4-side safety screen made of protective transparent 12 mm thick Lexan (polycarbonate) on a rigid metal base surrounding the clamping unit.

  • Portable muffler provides noise level reduction at SRVs outlet during pop testing.
  • Test unit elements can be positioned on the mobile platform with forklift pockets for easier unit transportation to the end-users sites.
  • REVALVE can optionally provide the clamping unit with two claws that is able to perform testing most of SRV types. 
  • Computer Registration System is built-in to the control station for easy process operation and test monitor. Designed for continuous test data measuring and storing final reports as well as printing test protocols at workshop printer via Wi-Fi quick connection. Software package is customized and operator friendly so doesn't require special skills to launch and run the system. The package can be translated into the required native language upon request.
  • Compressor unit. Serve for provision of the test system with constant supply of high-pressure air for valve test testing. The compressor unit consists of a piston-type compressor placed into the acoustic rigid cabinet and mounted on the base. There are pressure transmitter, pressure gauge and control panel are on the frame for an operator use. Storage cylinder area consists of 3 carbon steel rigid cylinders made of carbon steel fixed on the welded rack.